Sunday 22 April 2012

Russelvfjellet – Finishing of a great trip by skiing down to the ocean in the sunset!

On Thursday evening, after coming home from Russetind and eating a big lunch, we jumped in to the car again to drive north to Russelvfjellet, where the road ends.

After three great weeks of ski touring, ski mountaineering, adventuring or whatever you like to call it; we had a great time, got to ski some amazing lines and lot lots of time to hang out among good friends. We also got plenty of good material for our film project, but we still felt like we needed one more thing - some normal cruising in good light, preferably down to the ocean.

Knowing we already bagged the trip big-time, it was easy to motivate ourselves for another ski tour even though we had already done more than 1500 vertical meters during the day.

It became an easy evening at Russelvfjellet. We walked straight up the west face in 1,5 hours and got up in perfect time for the good light. The snow was not perfect, but totally ok, and we cruised down and got exactly the material we were after!

A great ending to a great trip! Now its Cham time for some filming for Salomon! I will meet up with Mike Douglas and Bjarne Sahlén again on Monday! Before that I have two easy days back home in Luleå! 

Boys walking up straight from the water side 

The Sahlén brothers

The boys on the top 

Myself catching up (Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

(Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

(Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

(Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

Me skiing on the sunset (Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

And again (Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

(Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

(Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

Bjarne walking back to the car


  1. That is a quite long and a hard ski park. Congratulation to you guys. You have made a great and done it successfully. I hope we can do skiing next time.

  2. Amazing photos guys! Wonderful moments you caught! Great that you decided to go there, it is wonderful place1

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