Sunday 30 December 2012

Reaching My Limit – Patagonian Ski Adventure Episode 2 – Skiing The Whillans Ramp

My highlight of the past ski year was definitely making turns down the Whillans ramp on Aguja Poincenot in Argentinian Patagonia. Before that trip I used to think that I could ski anything that is white on a mountain. When I got to the ramp I got partly amazed, partly intimidated on how the snow was sticking to these ultra steep slopes that I almost felt uncomfortable climbing up. I mean, 60 degrees ice climbing is a peace of cake, but when it’s on powder snow with rock slabs underneath, then it’s getting interesting. So while climbing up this snow ramp on the other side of the world I realized that: this is it – this is the perfect line to ski where all my knowledge from a life in the mountains comes together. This is the steepest and most exposed line I had the chance to ski, and I’m happy leaving it at that and grateful finding something like this in a lifetime. Now it's time to extend my experience in other directions.

A great big thanks to my friend, filmmaker Bjarne Salén at Endlessflow for another well done episode. More interesting stuff will be coming soon! 

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