Thursday 1 March 2012

The Trappier couloir on Dome du Gouter

Today I went out again with Tony Lamiche for an easy ski tour. The goal of the day was to ski the Trappier couloir on Dome du Gouter, a run that’s straight up from our back yard in Taconnaz. I have wanted to ski this line for years and it was a great experience to finally get it done. As Tony needed to leave his daughter at the childcare we didn’t get going from our house before ten o’clock but that didn’t matter much as everything went smooth and we did the last turns down our back yard less than 5 hours later.

It’s really warm in Chamonix at the moment and it was a relief to walk most of the way up in the shadow, but after skiing a mix of excellent old powder and breakable crust at higher elevation we got in to the really rotten snow the last few hundred meters. It was alright though and the snow was easy to manage, but one does not want to end up in the wrong spot in that sort of conditions. 

Skinning up the train track from the top of Les Houches

Tony had to do a quick repair of his one boot

Tony dropping in to the Trappier

And skiing some old powder

Tony and the Trappier in full scale

Gliding down towards Taconnaz

Looking back at the valley where we came from

Tony coming down the meadows above our house 

My last turn seen from our living room 

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