Saturday 31 March 2012

Russetind – A good worm up

Yesterday we went down to Nordkjosbotn to ski a favorite, Russetind, as a warm up for the trip. It has a 1000m plus east face that is a beautiful ski that I skied a couple of years ago. I have always thought it would look awesome on film and as its fairly straightforward we chose it as a good mountain to get a feeling for the conditions in the area.

We arrived in perfect weather and Morgan and myself walked up on the west side while Bjarne climbed a mountain facing the east face to get a good filming position. Everything went smooth, but unfortunately, when we got close to the top bad weather came in. We still tried to drop in on the face, but poor visibility together with lots of snow made us turn around after fifty meters. With no visibility it was really hard to judge the conditions further down and to choose a good line down. We really didn’t get much film material and we didn’t get to ski the line we wanted, but we got some really good turns and we got to test our shape. Best of all was that I got to be out with Morgan again, he’s a great guy, excellent skier and one of the persons I trust most in the mountains.

We are having a rest day today and tomorrow we are of to the Lyngen alps for some, hopefully, awesome couloir skiing. Its lots of snow in the mountain and its been snowing today as well, so I bet we will get some good turns in. The question is just if its possible to do the bigger lines at the moment. Time will tell though… 

The awesome east face of Russetind! A great ski... Unfortunately we didn't get to ski it this time, but who knows, we might come back! 

The Sahlén brothers

Morgan walking

And climbing

The summit ridge

Morgan and myself on the top

Morgan is WILD!

Good turns in the west couloir

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