Tuesday 14 February 2012

My favorite type of ski day

Today I went out on the mountain to ski for my self. I kind of like to get solo ski days once and a while where I don’t have to wait for no one and where I get to just get close to the ski experience with no distractions and let the thoughts flow for themselves.

I chose to go to Brevent as it’s the perfect place to get quality skiing and get long runs in the falline and I just happen to love the terrain there. I usually say that Brevent would be the worlds best ski resort if it was north facing, but unfortunately it isn’t. However, this year in this cold it kind of doesn’t matter.

The best thing about Brevent I think is that it’s easy to find good snow a long time after snowfall if you just spice it up a little bit. I did four top to bottom runs (I only stopped for taking the photosJ) and I got excellent snow for a couple of hundred meters in each one of those. I love the feeling of covering a 1500 meter vertical off-piste run in one go, rest in the lift and the keep at it for an afternoon. 

An unskied couloir in Brevent

The Brevent top gondola

My Salomon Rocker 2's just before I drop in to one of my favorite faces in Brevent. I have rarely seen other tracks here. 


  1. Hei Andreas
    Var stiligt og se deg kjøre ned samme renne som oss, og for en fart du hadde!

    Hilsen Andreas med en ski på sekken

  2. Detsamma Andreas! Hoppas du får en fin säsong!