Wednesday 15 February 2012

Ice climbing in Chamonix

Today I went out with friend and guide Linus Kulstad for some Ice climbing. After a long cold spell it was a relatively warm day with perfect conditions and we went down past Les Houches to one of the big icefalls on the side of the road. With a quick approach, four pitches of really fun climbing and good company it felt like the perfect thing to do while waiting for the falling snow to (hopefully) create good skiing for tomorrow! 

Call me ignorant, but I don't really know the name of this icefall. However we climbed a variation on the lookers left hand side. 

Myself setting of on the steep first pitch (Photo: Linus Kulstad)

Linus cruising up the second

Myself following the second pitch (Photo: Linus Kulstad)

Me on the third pitch (Photo: Linus Kulstad)

And me again topping put (Photo: Linus Kulstad)

Linus rappelling 

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