Saturday 26 March 2011

La Maladière - L’arche perdue

Yesterday  I went out with friend Kevin Gourges to climb at Maladière down valley past Sallanches on the way to Cluses. It’s a 250 meter crag with about 60 long routes on it overlooking the Arve valley. To access the crag you drive up on the backside and walk through the forrest  and arriving on the top you do a few rappels and then walk to the route you have in mind. In this way you add a bit of nerve to the day as you know you have to finnish your route to get back to the car.

We chose a beautiful route called L’arche perdue and enjoyed some good quality climbing in great weather and perfect temperature for climbing rock!

Merci Kevin pour une belle journée! 

On the first rappel

The view

Its steep

Kevin on the first pitch

Kevin Gourges

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