Wednesday 2 March 2011

Björkliden – Haglöfs Arctic Weekend – good times in the north…

I spent the last weekend up in the very north of Sweden, in a ski resort called Björkliden, to participate in a cosy mountain event called Haglöfs Arctic Weekend.

It’s a mountain event with emphasis on ambience and good spirit for people loving the mountains, skiing, ski touring or just being outside. Normal ski enthusiasts, staff and clients to Haglöfs and sponsored athletes from Haglöfs and Björkliden meet up and hang out together in the small ski resort of Björkliden high above the arctic circle.

Björkliden is probably one of the most genuine ski resorts in Sweden with good skiing, cosy atmosphere a view over the famous Swedish landmark; Lapporten (sort of “the gate to Lappland” in English) and with a location just on the doorstep to some of the best ski mountains in Sweden.

I’m always happy to spend time up there in the north and its probably one of the spots where I feel most at home in the world. I used to live and work up in the neighbourhood for many years before and I have still lots of friends working here and great adventure memories from the mountains.

During the weekend I was guiding some offpiste skiing, did some cat skiing from Låktatjåkka and held a small presentation. I also got the chance to attend lectures by adventure photographer Fredrik Schenholm and Swedish adventurer Ola Skinnarmo.

After the event I had by purpose booked my flight so I would get an extra day to maybe go and ski one of the great couloirs one can find on the Norwegian side of the border, but a storm gave me instead time to check out the friend status in Riksgränsen.

It’s great to travel the world, but it’s also wonderful to come back home and enjoy the food, semlor and tobacco that you can’t really find elsewhere, and of course speak ones owns language. I can’t wait to go back again, but first I like to enjoy the Chamonix mountains and people for a while.

To get more info about the event, the ski resort and some of the people who where there - check:
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Lapporten - One of the symbols for the Swedish wilderness

Skiing around in the resort with cool people, most of them working for Haglöfs as one can see... 

 Fredrik and Emilia combining work and pleasure

A worthy Swedish breakfast, note semlan and the cloud-berry jam!  

Adventure briefing

Cat skiing

Niklas the driver!

Famous Låktatjåkka waffles 

Hang time at Låktatjåkka mountainstation

 Leaving the hut in a snowstorm, compass and altimeter are handy in times like these... 
 Viktor skiing

 Half way down Kopparåsen
Magnus likes adventures 

Two hunters checking us out 

Fredrik teaching us how to takes those cool photos...

 Sara Orrensjö, krya på dig!

Fredrik and Per Jonsson working...

Kent with the Riksgränsen ski area  in the background

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  1. En mycket trevlig helg!

    Tack för en insprirerande föreläsning och ett motiverande samtal!