Saturday 5 March 2011

Couloir des Cosmiques x6

Today I had one of the best ski days of the season. I originally wanted to go ski touring to get some training, but in the end I decided with Felix and Max to go and ski the west face of Aiguille du Midi a few times.
Felix called in sick in the morning so up I went with Max. It was a beautiful blue bird day in the mountains with almost no wind and warm temperatures.
So getting up on Midi we traversed around towards the west face and dropped in to the Cosmiques couloir.  The entrance was easy to ski and the snow in the couloir was excellent and really easy to ski.
We kept on going throughout the day and Max ended up with four laps and I kept on going to six, almost seven as I just missed the last bin. I found a new Swiss friend, Jürg, on the last run and rounded of the day with a run at the Paraface with him down to the tunnel. 

This was a perfect day! Six top to bottom runs in the Cosmiques, and one down the Paraface, everything in super good dry powder snow.  We met plenty of cool people on the mountain and I got the boot packing I was so yearning for. Great skiing, great company, lovely weather and some physical exercise = good day out.

Thanks Max for another cool day!

The ridge from Aiguille du Midi 

The entrance to the couloir

Maxime Turgeon working his way trough the entrance

The couloir

Max skiing

Friends enjoying the pow!

Jürg rocking down to town

And again

The surroundings 


Aiguille du Midi

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  1. Hi Andreas,
    sorry for the late comment! I was pretty busy the last couple of days...
    Thanks again for the nice decent I could enjoy with you and the ride back to chamonix!
    It's a very nice blog and I enjoy reading it very much - so keep on going :-)
    Maybe we meet again on the slopes around chamonix...
    Take care!
    BTW: My name spells Jürg not Görg - but nevermind it's just a name...