Wednesday 2 March 2011

Bionnassay - Perfect winter rock climbing

Coming back to Chamonix I went straight up in to the mountains. But this time I didn’t go skiing even though the conditions are pretty good. After a week in ski boots I was pretty keen on getting a good work out, move one rock and to rest my feet. So I tagged along with my friends Carl, Bjarne and Will for a day at Bionnassay (the crag) for some sport climbing.

It was a fun and chilly day, but with perfect conditions for rock climbing. There where quiet lot of snow on the approach, but the rock face is facing south making it a perfect rock climbing alternative late winter, spring before it gets to warm!

Thanks boys for a good day!

The approach

Getting snowy

Carl rocking lose

And again...

Bjarne en route 

Time to go home

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