Monday 14 March 2011

Courmayeur – Magic powder skiing

Today I went over to Courmayeur with Felix Hentz with the objective to enjoy some good skiing. With the foehn blowing hard in Chamonix it usually means good skiing in Italy so we had expectations for some good turns. But coming up into the ski area most of the skiing was dust on crust and most that had been good had been skied out the day before.

However, the top lift had not been open the day before and it opened early giving us access to the best skiing Courmayeur has to offer with almost no one hunting the first tracks. We aimed to ski northern aspects and got a few long runs that would fit in to the category; “skiing does not get much better than this”.

Yet, like most powder days this season, it got really warm and the best skiing got dangerous so we ended the day early and enjoyed Italian coffee, cream croissants, tiramisus and sweet Canelones.

Thanks Felix for another kick ass ski day!

Felix Hentz with the Aosta Valley in the background

Felix pow skiing

In the morning we where alone in the top lift getting up to the goodies... 

Felix again

Me dropping in on a sunny ridge... (Photo: Felix Hentz)

Not perfect snow (Photo: Felix Hentz)

But then it was magic in on the north facing slopes (Photo: Felix Hentz)

(Photo: Felix Hentz)

(Photo: Felix Hentz)

Italian coffee and croissants filled with creme 

Me dropping in on the last run of the day... (Photo: Felix Hentz)

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