Saturday 30 June 2012

My dad on how to not get sick!

My dad has the best health of anyone I know. He is simply never sick and has never in his whole career had a sick leave from work.

He has plenty of theories about everything between heaven and earth and of course he has his own remedy on how not to get sick. There is no science behind this what so ever – only his own thoughts and experience. But the fact remans that he seems (know on wood) immune to sickness, so I'm just guessing he have some stuff to teach us weak people. Below are his nine most important tricks for staying away from sickness: 
   1.     Wash your hands!
When you meet a lot of people or when you have been outside, keep a habit of washing your hands regularly.
   2.     No sugar!
If you feel like you are about to get sick, avoid anything with sugar.
   3.     Be happy!
People that choose to be negative or unhappy are proven to be much more sick than the people with a positive view of life.
   4.     Don’t eat pigs or bears!
I have no idea about stuff, I’m a vegetarian anyways, but he claims that they have too close of a DNA for the humans to be able to handle it.
   5.     Take Showers!
Take a shower every day if you are a city person  (Once every second day is still ok). If you are outside you don’t have to shower at all!
   6.     Sleep!
If you feel tired, sleep.
   7.     Eat fruits!
Lots of it!
   8.     Be outside as much as you can!
No comments.
   9.     Exercise!
“I have to agree I’m not following this one as much as I could, but I still think it’s important”. 

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