Thursday 14 June 2012

Day one of the summer alpine course

Today was the first day of our third mountain guide course. We are in Chamonix at the moment and spent the day close to the mid station of Aiguille du Midi for some ecole de neige (snow school). We were going through everything that has to do with snow and guiding (with out skis), such as making steps, tracking, self arrest, short roping in snow, different snow anchors etc. It was a good day in the sun, and tomorrow really early we are driving to Champex to walk up to Cabane d’Orny for a couple of days of short roping in alpine terrain, glacier travel and rescue and so on. From there the weather decide where we will go! 
Instructors Anders Swensson, Mike Wright and Per Ås

The crew, ready for a week of mountain adventures! 

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