Monday 7 May 2012

Interview @ Epic TV

On Friday afternoon I went by Epic TV in Chamonix sud to be their first ever guest on their first ever show!
Epic TV is a new video-on-demand service for adventure films based in Chamonix. They will also produce a series of adventure sports video podcasts as well as host a monthly adventure film contest.
It’s an exiting project and I’m honored to be their first ever guest in the show!
Check Epic TV´s new beta website out at
The start of the first ever broadcast of Epic Tv

Things got more and more relaxed

We got freeride world champ Reine Barkered on the line

The house dog

The crew for the day - Hugo, Yan, myself and Trey


  1. Thanks Andreas for being our first ever guest on EpicTV Weekly. Great to hear about your adventures - past, present and future.

    Looking forward to having you and Ale back in the studio again soon!

  2. Thanks Trey! Im looking forward to next time too! :)