Tuesday 11 September 2012

Tempting Fear Trailer

After lots of hard work by Bjarne Salén at Endlessflow; Mike Douglas, Blair Richmond and Jeff Thomas at Switchback Entertainment and the Salomon crew - our new film, Tempting Fear, is now finally ready. Here's the trailer:

For more info about the film visit: www.salomonfreeski.com
And for a review of the film by Devon O'Neil at ESPN.com - you'll find that here.


  1. Fan vad grymt Andreas! Kör hårt och ta det lugnt på nästa äventyr !!

  2. Grymt!
    Blir det mulig å kjøpe filmen da? (etter den ha blitt vist på festivaler)

  3. Great guys, thanks for your words! Kaj: It will be shown on festivals in the autumn, and i think The Adventure film festival in London 1st November is the first stop in Europe, then Kendal mid November. But it will be released for free as a Salomon Freeski Episode early next year!