Saturday 25 August 2012

Going South

Even though the summer still is serving up with warm weather in the north, one can definitely feel the smell of autumn on its way. After one day of rest in Luleå after the Kebnekaise trip I got one day of packing mixed up with bouldering, packing and changing to winter tires before we started the long drive south for the winter. I definitely often feel with like the birds, changing location with the seasons… First stop is Stockholm for some time with friends and family as well as a day at the Haglöfs headquarters. 
There is always time for a boulder session at Brändön

One of my favorites, a small 6c overhang. It´s easy - if you just get of the ground 

Changing to winter tires in august definitely gave me some comments from the neighbors 

The devil is in the detail says the old proverb, I got to get the skis in shape 

Ale and myself on the drive Luleå - Sthlm (900+ km) 

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