Monday 18 July 2011

Living and working in Paradise

The last weeks I have been working and climbing lots. Here are a few glimpses from my everyday summer life…  

Guiding on the classic Only Blueberries

With a photographer... 

A climbing course day in Paradise (its actually the name) with Nord Norsk Klattreskole (

Lead guide Jonas Dahlstrup at NNKS

Lead climbing training with the climbing course at Gandalf

Guiding on Svolvaergeita

with happy clients on the top

Presten at midnight

Sanna Böris Matsson on Presten the day before we climbed Storpillaren. We had never climbed together before so we thought it might be a good idea to stroll up the Priest in 2,5h... 

A climber struggling up the most famous pitch (Slanting corner 6) on the most famous route (Vestpillaren) on the most famous crag (Presten) in Lofoten. 

Sanna at the top of Presten

A Sea Eagle

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