Monday 6 June 2011

Back in civilization after a very successful Denali trip!

I just got back to Talkeetna after one month of winter camping on Denali. The trip was very successful and I got to do the first (try) decent of the huge south face, skiing the Messner couloir and the Orient Express (x2), bagging the summit two times as well as climbing the Cassin Ridge together with Magnus Kastengren in a 33 hour roundtrip. Lots of stories to come when I get back home, but for now its all about sport climbing, being a tourist and enjoying the last few days here with lots of new cool friends!


  1. Good news from the other side!
    Great to read you again.
    Lots of sunshine on you!

  2. Nice one, Andreas. Sounds like an amazing trip. Looking forward to reading all about it!

  3. Hi Andreas,

    we met up there at 14000 Camp. Hope you had a good time and good to hear that the descent of the south-face was successful!

    Alex (The guy with the yellow pants!

  4. wow Andreas!
    we at planetmountain would like to find out more - how can we contact you?

  5. Good job Andreas and Magnus! Really happy that you've recovered so well from last years accident too.