Tuesday 25 January 2011

Col des Droites – Good skiing beside a sleeping tiger

Today was another steep skiing day in Chamonix. I went in to the Argentiere basin together with Maxime Turgeon and photographer Daniel Rönnbäck with the idea of skiing something that was not skied to pieces. The first thing we came over was Col des Droites, a very aesthetic line between Les Courtes and Les Droites. It’s facing east, which meant that it should be good skiing, but there is always a but… Above the whole line there is a gigantic hanging glacier threatening you for most of the time on the face, a sleeping tiger that you don’t want to meet when she wakes up. But we couldn’t se much recent activity down at the bottom as well as we knew the conditions for hiking where super fast meaning we wouldn’t spend much time at all on the face. Said and done, we climbed up as fast as we could, found really good snow, turned around right below the hanging glacier, enjoyed good skiing on the way down and had a calm lunch at Chambre neuf at the end. That makes for another good day on the mountain. 

The approach

Daniel on his way to a good shooting spot

walking, walking

 Me and Max climbing from Daniels point of view (Photo: Daniel Rönnbäck)

 Just before taking of

Max enjoying 

Col des Droites to the right

Check out Daniel Rönnbäcks angle of Chamonix on his photoblog at danielronnback.blogspot.com

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