Friday 28 January 2011

Another run in the Cosmiques…

I wanted Daniel to get a bit of Chamonix feeling before he went home, so today I went up to Aiguille du Midi with him and good friend Felix Hentz to have a quick run down Couloir des Cosmiques. It was warm and calm up on the lift station and there where not many skiers going up with the first bin. We traversed over to the couloir and we could from the start feel that the skiing would not be great, but not that we expected anything else. We down climbed to the first anchor and used two rappels to get to where the skiing starts.

The skiing was a mix of hard snow, a few patches of soft recycled snow and breakable crust. But, it was warm with no wind and no one around which still made the experience pretty good. Lower down the traverse trough the glacier was easy done which is good to know when the long awaited powder finally will arrive. Because it has to come, doesn’t it?

We choose to not ski the whole way down to town, maybe we are getting old or something but we didn’t feel up for bush whacking with a hard to find snow cover, so we started traversing to the mid station. Weirdly no one had put in the normal track, so we made the high traverse over and where back in town in good time for lunch. Thanks boys, for a good morning... 

 Felix checking the run

Daniel rapping 

Daniel skiing 

 The exit

Putting in the traverse

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