Sunday 11 November 2012

Autumn Interviews...

Autumn is the calm month for the majority of people in the ski business. Here in Chamonix, there is not much happening and I have spent my time training hard for the upcoming ski season as well as for my guide courses.

Lots of time goes to computer work planning the season and doing interviews. I both interview people and get interviewed and below are a couple of new ones.

Firstly I got interviewed by Swedish Radio last Thursday at P4 Extra, one of the biggest radio programs in Sweden. Check this one out here (Swedish only).

Then EpicTv has released the full interview with Bjarne Salén and myself. Check it out below. 

I also interviewed friend and big mountain snowboard legend Xavier de le Rue for EpicTv Weekly - Check that interview out, plus topics such as sailing myths, surfer Matt Wilkinson and ski/adventure world elections - it's all here to be watched below!

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