Tuesday 17 January 2012

Back in Chamonix – Skiing on the southern slopes of Mt Blanc

Yesterday morning I got back to Chamonix, and went straight to Helbronner together with Max. We had a great day of skiing with perfect timing. First we went up Tour Ronde and dropped down on the south face towards the Brenva glacier and hit the left finish just when it was starting to get to warm. Then we enjoyed a pizza before we skied one of the couloirs under the top lift and on our last run skied Marbree in the sunset. Days like this are definitely what skiing around Chamonix is for me – great quality skiing in a high mountain environment with a good friend! 

La Tour Ronde

Max Turgeon cruising  

Max on the top with Mt Blanc in the back ground

Guillaume catching up with his client

Max skiing

Looking back at Brenva and the skiers left exit

Max in one of the cooers under the lift

On our way to Marbree

Skiing back to La Palud after a good day out... 

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