Friday 11 February 2011

Les Droites – Ginat – Motorway up one of Chamonix’s classic north faces

Yesterday I did the Ginat on Les Droites with good friend and mountain guide Jimmy Halvardsson. It was a great day out on this 1200 m big ice and rock face. Over a month of good and stable weather has turned the route in to a must do at the moment with super great conditions making the route relatively easy.

The north face of Les Droites

We came up with the first bin in the morning, had a great climb, topped out in late afternoon, had a walk back to town and ended up at Chambre 9 for a couple jugs of water, and then I continued over, still in climbing clothes to Lapin Aigle for wine with friends from home.

Another great day in the mountains – thanks Jimmy!

If you want to hire a mountain guide, or just want to check out this awesome guy and great climber – visit Jimmy’s website at

On the route we met friend and climber Korra Pesce who was out on just another adventure soloing the Jackson and then from the top down climbed (solo again of course) the Ginat. An impressive feat! To see an edit by Seb Montaz with this climber in action; click here

Jimmy loves candy, yes he does! 

Jimmy climbing 

Me enjoying (Photo: Jimmy Halvardsson)

Jimmy on the lead 

At the top 

The descent 


Walking down 

 Valle blanche by night


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