Friday 11 November 2011

La Paz - Mendoza - San Juan - Barreal

After Nevado Sajama I got sick and spent most of the following week in bed missing out on  lots of what La Paz had to offer. But we still got to do the town and try out the local salsa joints as well as meeting some really cool people. 

The endless bus ride... 
When I finally felt better we started a marathon bus ride south towards Mendoza. It took us three days to reach the third city of Argentina where we did our shopping or food and gas before we went back north to Barreal via San Juan on another day worth of bus rides. In the sleepy town of Barreal we slept under a three trying to not attract the attention of the wild dogs before we found a local named Andres to drive us out in to the wild... 

Geraldine is helping us out with the bus tickets... We still got scammed though.. 

A night at our friend Alex Aguirre's restaurant in La Paz

Sweden's biggest fan

The La Paz mountain film festival

On the road...

Im soo tired of eggs and rice by now... 

The Argentinian border

Bjarne enjoying Argentinian wine

Not really fitting in the local San Juan fashion 

A night out with the dogs

On our way out in to the wild... 

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