Tuesday 15 November 2011

The Importance of surprise

People often talk of the importance of safety and of controlling your situations in the mountains. But few people talk about the killing of the adventure called life that the same people think they want. But would you push their reasoning to its end, if they had the guts, they would soon admit their mistake. 
We are living our life in a double bind here. 
On one hand we are striving for security and safety but on the other hand if we got what we strived for we would be desperately bored. 
Safety and security implies that there are neither no winning nor losing in the game called life. Its like a game of chess with a determined winner. Normally, when two chess grand masters realize the winner of the game they restart a new game. Because the meaning of playing is the insecurity in the game. 
So there we are again in the game of the mountains. Would they give you the feeling of being alive and the thrill of your life, if you knew they where perfectly safe? 
Would they drive your consciousness to the here and now if you didn’t know this was serious business. 
If they wouldn’t loom high above you with dark shadows of consequence you would definitely be bored to death and then magic and great spiritual depth would be washed away in a second. 
Left would be a boring construct that you touch for a while, but after some time you would be overwhelmed by a feeling that the most important ingredient where missing. And the game would tell itself - it was one not worth playing. 
So you see, we have to be gentle with our greatest enemy we have. Because he is the creator of beauty on our adventures. 
It’s the opposites that brings the depth because depth is the standing definition of the space in between them. 

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