Tuesday 17 January 2012

La Grave – Guide course

Last week I did the first course on the Swedish guide scheme. It was an avalanche course run by European Avalanche School in La Grave. Day after day we went out among the mountains looking at snow crystals, digging snow pits and talking about how to move among the mountains. It was great to meet the whole group that are going to rock n roll together for the next three years or so and to finally get on with the courses. There will be lots of updates on this kind of stuff in the future! 

For more info on the Swedish guide program - check www.sbo.nu (Swedish only) 

Hanging around in a snow pit

Magnus, Morgan and Eva discussing snow crystals... 

Sami and Tobbe working hard

Per Ås checking the snow pit status for HK and Eva

Magnus and Jesper really excited over a fracture... 

Morgan showing where the locker should stand (swedish expression) 

Per Ås, guide and instructor, leading us in to the banana couloir 

Probe line 

The 2012 SBO candidates... 

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