Sunday 8 January 2012

La Grave – Great skiing with friends

Last Thursday the téléphérique in La Grave was closed, so I had a sought after rest day.  The following day it was still closed so we hitched a ride with Swedish guide Per Ås to the little ski resort of le Chazelet where we ended up having a wonderful ski day.

Nothing but the kid’s slope was initially open, but as the day went on the two other lifts, that are actually serving some decent skiing, opened up. We where almost alone on the mountain and where skiing fresh tracks all day.

Yesterday, finally, they opened up the La Grave gondola. Being fortunate, we got to ski with the locals who showed us just how great this mountain can be.

Thanks boys!

La Meije finally enjoying some sun after a long storm

Morgan Sahlén and Lars Åke Krantz with high expectations...

Of pizza, and then...

Some good skiing

Sorry, my camera is broken, thats why I keep on shooting poses 

Morgan checking out down to down

L-Å examining the snowpack. A hell of a season could be on its way... 

Joe Vallone and Ville Niiranen enjoying the swedish goods over a coffe

Half the gang in the False Freaux

L-Å getting ready to finnish of the day

Joe Vallone showing the way on his day of... If you want to hire a guide in La Grave, Joe is one of your best picks! Check him out on

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