Tuesday 25 October 2011

Photos: Huaraz - Lima - La Paz

When I did the last update I wasn’t able to import photos from the camera, so the lost photos are coming here... 

Huascaran seen from the town of Huaraz

Once a year the school kids make their own food market. We got invited by our friends running the Hatun Watsi hostel... (www.hatunwasihostel.com)

You are not allowed to have guns on the bus

We literarily opened one of the fancier bakeries in Lima

One of the pit stops Lima - La Paz

Lake Titicaca

... the highest "commercially navigable" lake in the world, what ever that means...

Bjarne leaving Peru

The Cordillera Real from the bus

Plenty of these in La Paz

I had the honor to participate in Peluches first sushi session! And damn it was good!


  1. Love the writing and the photos most excellent.
    Funny to see how much food you guys eat and burn off. Keep up the good work and be safe.
    Shaun + Steph Fae Scotland

  2. thanks for your words Shaun and Steph!