Wednesday 19 October 2011

Huaraz-Lima-La Paz - Two days on a bus and the start of the Bolivian Episode

Moving over the Bolivian highland we are soon in La Paz. After two full day and nights by bus we are around our half-way mark in distance of our big journey. It’s been a great time so far with millions of impressions and experiences that have carved themselves in to our memories. While traveling by buss we really get to feel the grandeur of this continent and we are taking in the change of air pressure as we roll up and down the long hills and we can se the change from the landscape of the high sierras of of Ecuador, down to the coastal dry pay-sage around Trujillo up to the subtropics of the Cordillera Blanca. For a day we where just passing the dessert like Peruvian inland before we arrived at the huge lake Titicaca, that are considered one of the the worlds highest lakes, and the border to Bolivia. 
Now, while writing this I can se the Cordillera Real on my left in the far distance and I’m really looking forward to arriving in the highest capital in the world in a few hours. Bolivia has been the country I have been looking forward the most of visiting on this trip. It’s just a feeling I have and when I try to come up with arguments in my head to back the statement up, I can not.
But then again, a good feeling is always a good start of something new and both me and Bjarne have lot of things to look forward to in the next few days. Tonight we are going to walk the town to find a good restaurant for dinner, that is usually one of the highlights of the day. Then, tomorrow we are going to find a bus to go south for Nevado Sajama, the highest mountain in Bolivia. The weather was looking good when we last checked two days ago, so i hope the window will still be open. The goal is to climb and ski the mountain before the next low-pressure comes in and then go back to La Paz to spend some time in this seemingly interesting city. 

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