Thursday 6 December 2012

Peaking Excitement - The First Real Powder Day Of the Season

At the start of a new cycle the excitement is always peaking – That’s why the first powder days every season are so special. The coordination is not there, the muscles are non-existent and I hardly remember how to pack my bag, but every turn makes me feel like I did the very first time I ever got to ski powder snow more than 20 years ago.

Today was that beginning of a new season cycle and my very first real lift access powder day since last winter. I got to spend it in a relaxed and laid-back manner together with Liz and Miles Smart skiing untracked knee deep magic in the Chamonix mountains!

Liz Smart put together this little edit right away and the same day, check it out! 

Miles opens up some low angle powder fun

Miles on our first run of the day

Liz enjoying

Not a track on Valle Blanche at this time of the year

Liz Smart

Myself on the last run of the day (Photo: Miles Smart) 

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