Saturday 21 April 2012

Russetind – Rematch on the beautiful east face

On Thursday we went to finish of our Norway adventure where it started – on Russetind. We hooked up with two young Tromsö locals, Lars Andreas Nilssen and Vegard Rye and did the walk up in a neat 2,5 hours. It was a perfect day, fairly cold, no wind and bluebird and the ski conditions where to become amazing.

The wonderful east face of Russetind, about 1200 vertical meters of fun! 

When I dropped in at the top I found really good snow and just had to go for it, as the slough cloud got huge behind me. I skied about half the face in one go and waited for the crew at the entrance of the skiers left couloir at the end. Everyone had a blast and our two Norwegian friends dubbed the ski “one of the best descents in their lives”! For me it was the third time I climbed this mountain, and the second time I have skied the face and I have to say this was my best round - so far - as i definitely will be back! 

The whole roundtrip was over in less than 3,5 hours, and we got back to Lyngseidet for a late lunch before we went for one last ski tour in the sun set! 

The crew of the day getting ready!

A fast walk in good snow (Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

The gang in an amazing landscape

(Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

Morgan, Vegard, Lars and myself at the summit of Russetind! 

A cool view, huh?

Morgan enjoying 

Myself in the exit couloir (Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

And again (Photo: Morgan Sahlén)

Morgan at the end

The boys at the bottom! 

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