Tuesday 6 March 2012

A powder day with Bon Appetit!

Today was my last day in Cham before I’m going to Sweden and I spent it in the best way possible – skiing powder and shooting with Tony Lamiche and the boys behind Bon Appetit; Victor Galuchot, Fabien Maierhofen and Nico Favre.

We started the day on Brevent and spent the afternoon on Midi skiing the Ronde and the Paraface. We had great weather, wonderful snow and perfect company. Now I´m already looking forward coming back to Cham again. Tomorrow will be a big day, when Bjarne and I are driving the 2100 km to Stockholm… Life is good!

Check out the awesome episodes from the Bon Appetite ski project at: www.bonappetitski.com!!!

The day started perfect. Parking like this where I'm from in the north doesn't exist (there is so much space), so i must have been lucky! 

Planing for having fun

Tony Lamiche in perfect pow

Victor Galuchot rapping past some ice to get in to a couloir

Tony, Nico and Victor at work

Fabien skiing one of my favorite runs in Brevent

Tony taking air

Tony and Victor playing

A majestic Glacier Ronde

Fabien on the Ronde

The boys playing in the exit couloir


Tony and Victor

Victor, Tony, Fabien and Nico! Thanks for a good day out!

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