Saturday 17 September 2011

Photo shoot in Narvik

I just came back to Luleå after a week photo shoot for Haglöfs in and around Narvik, Norway. The crew was made up by awesome photographer Nicklas Blom, alpine princess Johanna T Stålnacke, telemark ace Per Jonsson and myself. We had a great time together and Niklas was happy with the photos. Mission completed for the next years summer/spring catalogue in the categories light trekking and mountaineering. We found really good scenery around Efjord, Skjomen and the Lossi hut. When we came back from work I celebrated with a two hour run up to the Third Peak up above town in a snowstorm. It felt good to feel the approach of the cold and the winter and I can’t wait to get up in the mountains again. But now its only two days of final preparation before I take off to Quito, Ecuador, to meet up with Bjarne – so after months of planning we are almost there.

Check out my amigos from this last everyday adventure:

Nicklas Blom:
Johanna Tiensu Stålnacke:
Per Jonsson: (Swedish)

On our way up Eidetind

Johanna Tiensu Stålnacke

Per and Nicklas chillin...

And in work...

Johanna rappelling 

And showing some moves

Mordor... or.. hrmm Stetind

A pretty day at the office

Below Kuinarchokka, one of the most beautiful mountains i know, but damn its a shitty ski.. 

Myself contemplating the view

A good dinner in good company

Narvik with Fagernäsfjellet high above in the clouds 

On my way back home

The view from the train

And a quick glance of Riksgränsen from the platform.. 


  1. Fina grejer! Synd att vi inte fick träffas den här gången. Lycka till i Syd-Amerika!

  2. Tack kompis... Jag försöker höra av mig som vanligt när jag är i närheten! :) ta hand om er!