Monday 18 July 2011


Yesterday I climbed Storpillaren together with Sanna Boris Matsson. It is one of the bigger test pieces in Lofoten and a great and sustained climb on good rock. We didn’t manage to climb it completely free, but had a fun day non the less, where in no stress, went all the way up to the summit of Vågakallen and where back to the car in less than 14 hours.

Thanks Sanna for a good cragging day!

On the approach

The beautiful granite pillar

A bit of bush-whacking

The approach ledges

Sanna belaying the first pitch

Looking up at the start of the climb

Sanna following on the second pitch (6-)

And the third (7-)

Sanna leading the crux pitch (7)

The view from Storhylla

Sanna is always happy

Myself hanging out on a belay

Sanna leading another pitch (7-)

On the upper ridge

Sanna climbing on the grassy walk of shame. Above one can see the seldom climbed arete that is a bit bold. If you fall on the crux you will fall at least 20m in to a ledge. I went up to have a look but didn't think it was worth the candle and climbed back to the belay. If one doesn't climb the arete one get some "muggy" grade 5 grass climbing instead. 

Sanna at the top of Storpillaren

Sanna on her way to the summit of Vågakallen with Henningsvaer in the background. 

Myself and Sanna at the summit of Vågakallen in the midnight sun 

Sanna, forever happy... 

Sanna walking down the south face of Vågakallen

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