Wednesday 16 February 2011

Powder season is back! Great skiing in Courmayeur, but where did the winter go?

This morning I went over with Felix to Courmayeur to resume the delayed powder season. We found great dry powder all morning, but as the day went by it got warmer and warmer and of course more and more dangerous.

The best unskied big faces got impossible to ski safely in the afternoon so we ended the day early and went to enjoy more Italian coffee!

It seems like a weather habit this season that it’s warm on powder days… Will we get to enjoy good safe (relatively speaking) pow skiing even in the afternoon this season?

Thanks Felix! 

Morning coffee in La Palud

Felix Hentz tries to remember what its like to ski good snow! 

And again...


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  1. Känns bra att snön kommer nu lagom tills jag kommer ner igen! Jag ska försöka plocka med mig lite minusgrader också, för här gör de ju ingen nytta!!